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How often are you juicing? Do you know about juicing and its health benefits?

For some, juicing is the way to cleanse the body, where they consume juice only for a number of days to try and detoxify their bodies. For others and The Anti-Cancer Kitchen, juicing is an important supplement that we add into our daily diet in order to increase the levels of antioxidants in our bodies from all sorts of fruits and vegetables that we wouldn’t have consumed in a single day.

Whatever your reason is for juicing, getting all the crucial antioxidants we need from the normal Western diets (ready meals and processed meals etc) is more or less impossible. To stay healthy and help prevent cancer and other diseases, we require between 8 and 10 servings of fruit and vegetables daily, a number that is almost impossible to accomplish, right? So, juicing bridges this gap and helps us to consume the nutrients and antioxidants our bodies require. In other words, you get to chew less vegetables and fruits but stock up on the vitamins that you need from a single glass of fresh juice. So, let’s talk now about the difference between juicing and blending, aka smoothies.

Juicing versus smoothies?

In essence, juicing refers to the separation of the liquid from the fibre and pulp leaving behind a smooth, thin concentrated drink full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Blending makes use of the entire vegetable or fruit and everything that has been blended is consumed with the volume of the liquid termed as a smoothie. Juicing the same amount of fruits and vegetables leaves you behind with less juice while blending the same would give you more smoothie.

If you want to increase the fibre intake or add milk or coconut water or seeds, nuts and other raw vegan diet foods blending (smoothie) might be a better option.

Alkaline kiwi banana ginger smoothie

Juicing health benefits

Extracting juices from plant tissue allows you to gain as much vitamins and minerals as possible from fruits and vegetables. Juicing is a very effective way of getting all the nutrients our bodies’ need. Saying that juices that you buy in the supermarket aren’t the same. They don’t have the same juicing health benefits as they are made with additives and sugar in order to preserve the flavour and enhance the taste. They hardly offer any significant nutritional value and they tend to increase your insulin and store fat, unless it’s a freshly pressed juice. However, juicing raw, low sugar fruits and mainly fresh vegetables releases lots of important antioxidants and other nutrients without spiking your insulin or storing fat. The taste might not be as sweet, particularly if you’re used to the concentrated high sugar juices but this type of juicing is very beneficial for our health.

Juicing and replacing meals

Juicing can be used to replace meals, especially if your goals are to either lose weight or boost your body with lots of nutrients. Saying that, vegetable and fruit juices cannot provide the body with the healthy fats, proteins, fibres and other foods we require in the long run. For example, while green vegetables might contain more protein than typical steak if measured gram per gram, they also contain 90% water. To give the body the same protein levels in fish or meat, you might have to consume over ten times the normal weight of the vegetable or fruit. Saying that there is good protein you can find from plant-based foods too such as edamame, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, almonds and quinoa. As far as your diet and nutrient base is highly dense with all that the body needs, juices could replace some meals to the extent that you’re still getting healthy fats, sufficient protein and carbohydrates.

Is juicing bad for you? Are there any risks?

Juicing in the morning and enjoying a fresh glass of juice before you leave the house does help to keep the body energised and boost you with all nutrients you need to start your day. It is also a great way to keep your body detoxified and remove free radicals and metals. But, are there any risks to juicing? To be honest there are not many risks unless your doctor has advised against juicing for a specific reason.

Risk and juicing

  • Those with kidney conditions should be careful about what they juice since oxalate products could potentially worsen kidney stones
  • Juicing alone may lower calories and lower the weight for a while but unsustainable without exercises and other long-term weight reduction plans
  • If juices consumed are not well kept in the fridge or vegetables not cleaned before juicing, they could cause infections
  • Juices with laxatives and other bowel stimulating ingredients could see lots of nutrients being lost in the stool
  • Too much consumption of insufficient calories could lead to decreased blood sugar and deny body the energy it needs leading to serious hunger, headaches, dehydration, weakness and even fainting. As such, juicing should never replace all the meals

Juicing rhubarb

Juicing health benefits

Green juice health benefits

Green juice benefits are incredible for many reasons. Juicing blends diverse nutrient-rich products from superfoods, herbs, vegetables to fruits into a unique, healthy and delicious drink. Lots of things important for the body are packed into a single drink making green juices nutrient-dense and full of health boosting benefits. Benefits include:

  • Boosts alkalinity: It’s important for the body to remain within the proper pH levels (7.35-7.45) and it has a natural way of ensuring this level is maintained. However, consumption of processed meals and alcohol, among others, usually turn the body acidic. The body then draws lots of minerals from other sources to balance pH to avoid serious conditions such as weak bones or digestive issues. Consuming green juices daily full of green vegetables helps the body to maintain alkalinity.
  • Boosts daily dose of energy: One of the reasons lots of people are always tired is due to lack of important minerals and vitamins. A body that is lacking proper nutrients usually doesn’t work as it should. Interestingly, green juices actually alter everything invigorating our bodies with proper and key nutrients lifting levels of concentration and energy.
  • Delaying ageing: Antioxidants are one of the key nutrients derived from herbs, fruits and vegetables with an anti-aging effect through their actions of lowering the oxidative damage in the body that causes heart complications, diabetes and cancer. Green juices are superb at protecting the body against different types of illnesses including cancer.
  • Gut health: Very few people if any pay attention to the health of their gut yet it’s the foundation of our wellbeing. Green juices derive prebiotic and enzymes from the items juiced with some vegetables actually offering gut-health-promoting bacteria.
  • Improved detox: It’s virtually impossible to protect your body from toxins exposure. From household items, food, drinking water to surrounding air, toxins can be ingested from anywhere. Research has shown that an intake of certain vegetables enhance detoxification and can be accomplished by juicing detox diet plans. In the process, you’ll leave behind a more efficient liver capable of removing toxins from the body.
  • Robust immunity: There’s arguably no better way of supporting our immune system than enjoying a nutrient-packed green juice. Juicing from different vegetables, herbs and fruits guarantee maximised protection.
  • Perfect alternative to common supplements: If you take certain supplements such as multivitamins among others, you’re simply ingesting laboratory made synthetics with a few benefits. At times they might not be absorbed as you’d want. Green juices on the other hand will get you all the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants among other nutrients in their most organic form retaining all the important things our bodies need.

Juicing health benefits and raw vegan diet

Juicing and raw vegan diet has been around for a while. Typical raw vegan diets are nutritionally rich due to the foods consumed such as legumes, sprouted grains, nuts, fruits, seeds and vegetables with very little process or processed foods. Combined with a juicing routine, a vegan diet can be a fortified nutrition-dense super diet with lots of benefits. Some of the juicing health benefits and raw vegan diet include:

  • Heart health improvement: Focusing on vegetables and fruits and raw vegan dieters and juicing to lower blood pressure decreases blood pressure and reduces stroke and heart disease risks. Legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts intake also enhances levels of cholesterol in blood lowering heart complication risks further.
  • Lowers diabetes risk: Again the focus on vegetables and fruits guarantee that diabetes type 2 risks are lowered. Fibre is also a benefit of raw vegan diets, which is known to decrease levels of sugar in blood including sensitivity to insulin levels.
  • Weight loss help: Weight loss is a global problem and most people wants to maintain a healthy weight or reduce it. Combination of juicing and following a raw vegan diet has been identified as a great way to lower weight or maintain it. The reason being that raw veganism and juices from raw vegetables, herbs and fruits decrease body fat. Research has shown that people that are following a raw vegan diet actually lowers weight and BMI.
  • Enhanced digestion: Juicing and raw vegan meal plans helps digestion in different ways. For instance, the presence of fibre in raw veganism, both insoluble and soluble fibres is very important. Insoluble fibres ensure body stools are bulky and easier to extricate while helping food being digested to move fast throughout the gut lowering chances of constipation. On the other hand, soluble fibre comes in handy in the intestines by encouraging good bacteria. The healthy bacteria is known to lower gut inflammation, end irritable bowel syndrome complications as well as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Note that juicing prebiotic rich vegetables maximises the good gut bacteria. In other words, juicing and raw vegan diet improves digestive health.
  • Cancer fighting: One of the holistic methods to fight cancer is with daily juicing and raw vegan diet. Juicing and raw vegan diets replenish the body with cancer fighting nutrients. It doesn’t mean juicing and raw vegan diet can heal cancer completely, but it certainty allows you to recover easier and quicker from cancer treatments. It also helps strengthen our bodies with great nutrients and antioxidants and boost our natural immune-system and cancer fighting mechanisms.
  • Improves the skin: Our skin definitely needs certain nutrients to look good, remain healthy and stop skin problems. Juicing actually lower appetite for skin damaging meals like fried chicken and chips. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and other vegan raw diet foods are heavily rich in vitamin E and C and antioxidants. Daily intake ensures the skin is never deficient of antioxidants ridding it some harmful toxins that allow the sun to damage your skin and develop acne.
  • Vitamin A, saved and maintained in juicing, ensure cell growth in your skin is healthy and regeneration as natural as possible. Due to their hydrating nature, green juices for instance keep the skin sufficiently hydrated improving overall skincare.

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Juicing for health. Alkaline green juice - freshly pressed


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cancer fighting juice with a zing


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Multi veg and fruit cancer fighting juice

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